Impossible to Hold Book Trailer

Book Trailers are EPIC

We’ve done animation before, but book trailers are something else entirely.

Reviewing content, writing a script, story boarding, recording audio, designing, editing, and finally production. Makes us feel like we’re sitting in the directors seat. This was a lot of fun to work on each element from start to finish, Myriah hunkered down in the ‘quiet’ and recorded her voice for this very piece. It was tricky trying to find a video of a lion fish in the middle of winter, but with some excellent free resources out there we managed to find all the pieces needed, we even got to pull out some 3D animating for the ocean scene.


Reading the full book definitely does help in the creation of a book trailer, Lawna said we got it bang on! We’re so proud of our Author friend. It’s also a good read if you’re into Steamy romance, under the new title of Storm God.

Here’s some places you can get some free videos for your trailers or other projects, some just require crediting the creator or permission ahead of time:

Frees Sound, a huge collaborative creative commons database

BottledVideo, an amazing company that gives back to the video community

Vimeo a Free HD group