Some really great reasons for getting a website made for your business

This article is about how businesses should have a website. What it can do for them, and how it can increase business. Accessibility, etc.

10 Fantastic reasons for having a website built for your company.

  1. A website is an investment not a cost.
  2. A website is an extension of your self.
  3. A website has no geological borders.
  4. FAQ’s means frequently asked questions.
  5. An online presence is essential in this day and age.
  6. A website helps small business credibility
  7. Gives your business a hub at which all your online social activities a place to base out of.

A website is an investment not a cost.

A huge misconception is that a website is an added cost to their business. Maybe this was thing 20 years ago when websites and online presence wasn’t popular and people still used yellow-pages over web searches but the times have changed. A website is an investment and should be seen as such. It’s not something you add on top of your business plan, it’s something you build into your business plan. An online marketing strategy starts with your website and online presence.

A website is an extension of your self.

What I mean by this is that you get to extend your expertise into a section of your website. It helps you certify yourself in the eyes of your customers that you are an expert in your field. Whether done by writing blog posts, showing a portfolio of your work/artwork or doing video blog posts or podcasts you can show your expertise. Your website can have your voice and branding of your business to help customers shop and see if they will the right fit with your brand and voice.

A website has no geological borders.

This brings me to this point. Because the website is online and normally isn’t restricted by geological borders like we are with our physical bodies or shops, this allows your website and essentially your company to be reached by people all over the world. Time zones won’t matter any more as people can get as much info as they can via your website while you sleep or your shop is closed up for the day. So while you are out of office, your website can still answer your customers questions for, Collect peoples info, emails for eNewsletter campaigns, etc. Email contact forms can allow people to ask you questions that you can look at and answer at a later time.

FAQ’s means frequently asked questions.

This leads us to the infamous faq page. Businesses have had this on their websites for as long as I can remember. This page can save you money as you can answer the most frequently asked questions people ask you right on your webpage. This will save you time from having to ask the same few questions over and over again. It will also streamline potential sales or qualify customers before they even get in touch with your business.

An online presence is essential in this day and age.

As phone books and the yellowpages are becoming more and more rare, the internet has become the go to place for people of all walks of life to finding answers to their questions. With the general usage of yellowpages have been on the decline since the early 2000’s and the increase of web searches and usage of the smart phone, people are looking for businesses online and if you aren’t there. You aren’t being found. Now with that said. If you are online it doesn’t guarantee you to be found but that’s a blog post or a few all on its own.

A website can help small businesses with their credibility.

So if you are introducing yourself to a person and trying to explain what you do as a business owner what is one of the main questions you get asked? Chances are people will just ask you if you have a website and if you do, in their eyes, you are more credible and if they go online and find your website is professionally built with quality design and has great functionality your credibility goes up even more in their eyes. If you have testimonies and a solid case studies or a portfolio page, credibility goes up even more.  It will help you solidify your claim as a professional in your industry in the eyes of the people who see your site.

Gives your business a hub at which all your online social activities to base out of.

Having your own website for your business can give you a hub, a home base to which you can drive all other traffic to. Yes for a lot of companies having an active facebook page or a twitter account or pinterest account is beneficial but you need a place that can tie everything together. A place where everyone can go to find out extra info, get FAQ’s answered. If you have a brick and mortor place it gives google a place to display your store hours, show reviews, etc. A website for your business in general is just a good idea